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Alison O’Sullivan

About Me

We must make sure that the direct and unfiltered views of people with care experience are amongst the first things to land on the desk of the independent chair for the care review in England when they are appointed. So, I am delighted to support the work of “Our Care Our Say”!

It’s great to see the number of channels which are being created by people with care experience to have their say and try and change things. As a former local director and past President of the Association of Directors of Children’s Services I know how important it is to get advice and challenge from people who really know.

I believe that the doors of power are now beginning to open up more than in the past, so it’s important we find ways of channelling those views so they are heard. I am pleased to play a small part of trying to make that happen.

It was a privilege to have been involved with the Care Experience Conference which reinforced my respect for the huge well of wisdom and experience to be tapped for people trying to improve things for the future. The messages from that conference are clear and still as powerful today as they were a year ago. What we gather from “Our Care Our Say” will add even greater weight!

Alison O’Sullivan worked for 40 years in local roles from social worker to director. She was President of the Association of Children’s Services 2015/16. Now retired, she continues involvement with children’s issues as Chair of Trustees for the National Children’s Bureau and projects to improve support for children’s mental health, children in care and care experienced people.

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Our Care Our Say

If you are a care experience person of any age you can give your views on what the forthcoming Care Review in England should cover and how it should be run complete the “Our Care Our Say“ survey: HERE

The Care Experienced Conference website has a searchable directory of support services and helpful information for care experienced people of all ages created by and for the community. You can access the website via the following website: HERE

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