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Ian Dickson

About Me

I’m a retired social worker, dad & granddad. I spent my childhood in care & have spent most of the many years since campaigning to get children in care listened to. It remains a lifelong work in progress.

I chaired the Conference for Care Experienced People in 2019 

I believe passionately that the care experience must be recognised & approached as potentially life long & does not end when the “corporate parent’s” statutory duty finishes. 

I believe the care experienced community cannot be represented by any individual or group without its consent or mandate, but must be consulted. Collectively, it is creative, intelligent, knowledgeable & wise & has expertise in the care system unparalleled elsewhere.

I believe that the entire care experienced community, of all ages, in all our diversity, whoever & wherever we are, must be part of the debate to positively reform a broken care system. 

Our Care Our Say, like the CareExpConf conference before it, must be part of a continuous ongoing process to ensure the views of care experienced people are heard. 

“Nothing about us, without us”.

Follow me at @IDickson258

Our Care Our Say

If you are a care experience person of any age you can give your views on what the forthcoming Care Review in England should cover and how it should be run complete the “Our Care Our Say“ survey: HERE

The Care Experienced Conference website has a searchable directory of support services and helpful information for care experienced people of all ages created by and for the community. You can access the website via the following website: HERE

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