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Judith AM Denton

About Me

My name is Judith AM Denton and I am Care Experienced.

I was placed in Foster Care in Bristol, my place of birth, at the age of 9 and I became a Care Leaver at the age of 25.

Various challenges in my Care Experience Journey consisted of exclusions from School and College, run ins with the Law and a period of poor Mental Health.

As my Care Experience Journey continues, I am now the Founder and CEO, of The Transformed You delivering Intervention and Support Mentoring Programmes, designed to help transform the lives and raise the aspirations of Children In Care and Care Leavers aged 11 – 25 who have behaviour, emotional and social difficulties. We also provide Training Courses to empower and equip those who Foster, Support and Teach Children and Young People in Care.

I’m the Author of ‘The Foster Carers Super Powers’ and Autobiography ‘Foster Care and Me’ and a Speaker, openly sharing my story to enlighten and inspire.

I’m an Independent Panel Member for the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham’s Fostering Panel, and also an Ambassador within the National Youth Ambassadors Advisory Group (NYAAG) for the National Independent Reviewing Officer Managers Partnership (NIROMP) in the UK.

Honoured to be a part of the ‘Our Care Our Say’ Project, I stand with my Care Experienced Community and our Friends, to hear the views of ALL who have lived the care experience, having their/our say as to who should be involved in the forthcoming England Care Review and what areas need to be addressed. With our ‘Voices’ unified and amplified I truly believe that the Change will be Possible not only for us, but also for the generations to come.

Follow me at @JudithAMDenton

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