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Lisa Cherry, Author/Speaker/Trainer

The “Our Care Our Say” team are delighted to share that our good friend Lisa Cherry has agreed to act as “Master of Ceremonies” at the online event for care experienced people on Saturday the 7th November 2020. If you are care experienced, book your free ticket for this event: HERE

“Lisa Cherry is an author and a leading international trainer and consultant, specialising in assisting those in Education, Probation, Social Care and Adoption and Fostering to understand trauma, recovery and resilience for vulnerable children, young people and their families. Lisa has nearly 30 years experience in this field and combines academic knowledge and research with professional skills and personal experience.

We look forward to Lisa guiding our online event.

Learn more about Lisa:

An Author, Trainer and speaker on Trauma, Recovery and Resilience, Lisa brings 30 years of experience working in education and social care settings which in the last ten years, through delivering training across all sectors, has expanded to include criminal justice and health. Lisa’s research in her Masters in Education looked at the intersection of school exclusion and being in care and the impact upon education and employment across the life course. Lisa is currently doing her PhD at Oxford University commencing October 2020 to continue this research. 

Lisa’s own recovery journey brought about her taking the time to qualify as a Holistic Health Therapist in 2005 which Lisa brings to all her work, creating a space for healing, recovery and the support of positive mental health and well being.  By bringing together academic research, professional experience and personal stories Lisa creates a holistic approach to working with vulnerability with a fundamental belief that with the right relationships, we have the capacity to recover.

Lisa Cherry 

Author | Speaker | Trainer 

Trauma | Resonance | Resilience

BA (Hons) Sociology, MA (Education)

DPhil Student, Rees Centre, Dept of Ed. University of Oxford

Wolfson College

RSA Fellow
Life Coaching and Counselling, 

ITEC Dip HM, S.A.C. Dip. Reiki Master

Follow me at @_LisaCherry

Our Care Our Say

If you are a care experienced person of any age you can get a ticket for this webinar event for free: HERE

If you are a care experience person of any age you can give your views on what the forthcoming Care Review in England should cover and how it should be run complete the “Our Care Our Say“ survey: HERE

The Care Experienced Conference website has a searchable directory of support services and helpful information for care experienced people of all ages created by and for the community. You can access the website via the following website: HERE

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