Yusuf Paul (Mccormack) 1963 – 2021

Dedicated to the memory and ambition of Yusuf Paul McCormack 1963 – 2021
Yusuf embodied the kindness, compassion and capacity for love that most of us can only aspire to. He believed that we should all not only make a difference, but should “Be the Difference”

About Me

Artist, Author, Poet, Trainer, Co-founder of Artifacts, Dad, Adopter & Foster carer:

A wearer of many hats whose childhood playground was the institutional care system of the 60’s & 70’s. It was a difficult & a challenging place to grow up in. Here he learned the lessons of shame, rejection, fear, silence & retribution…

Remarkably not only did he survive, he thrived.

Today, his art reflects his feelings & evidences a portrait of the world he got to witness. It’s uncomfortable& at times shocking that these things can & did happen to him & others. Incidents & events he was unable to say or speak about as a child or as an adult…How do you talk about deeply rooted shame?

He now uses his combined experiences as an artist & child of the state to inform those who genuinely want to improve & sustain better outcomes for those who never chose their start in life, by exhibiting & delivering creative training to professionals, students & those who want to be the difference for children & young people in the care system.

 “We are not only the ‘negative’ statistics that fuel media & societies beliefs, that my friend is the result of system failures! We are the majority who have successfully turned the expected statistics on their head, shook them and got on with life, yet rarely get spoken about or heard” … pyusuf10

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Our Care Our Say Survey

If you are a care experience person of any age you can give your views on what the forthcoming Care Review in England should cover and how it should be run complete the “Our Care Our Say“ survey: HERE

Support Resources

The Care Experienced Conference website has a searchable directory of support services and helpful information for care experienced people of all ages created by and for the community. You can access the website via the following website: HERE

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